Rubin Starset (rubin110) wrote,
Rubin Starset

William Gibson’s Spook Country

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I have actually yet to open the book and begin reading.

Gibson rolled through San Francisco a few days ago, on tour for his new novel Spook Country. I arrived at this little church in the Haight right when the thing got started, took a few shots.

As with some signings, the author read a few chapters from his book. I found it rather surprising yet completely reassuring that Gibson tended to stutter a bit while he was reading back some of his own text. Surprising because I, for one reason or another, used to expect authors of literature to have impeccable reading and vocal skills. Reassuring because knowing someone like him stutters, makes me less conscious and critical of my own inability to enunciate and put together audible words being blasted out of my brain.

It’s been a while since I’ve acquired a new book (I actually haven’t read a new fiction novel since I moved) and am totally annoyed by its size and weight. I hope a text based copy of the book surfaces somewhere online soon, so I can just keep it on my Hiptop. If not I guess it’ll just have to wait till I’m on the playa.

2007-08-08-19-21-56 IMG_2872 - Version 2

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